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Safety Net for Balcony in Bangalore, #3816

Venky Enterprises is one of the prominent producres of Safety Net for Balcony in Bangalore


Address Muneswara Nagar, hosakare Halli,main road,3rd phase, B.S.K,Bangalore, Karnataka 560085

Listing Purpose: Services

Country: India

State: Karnataka

City: Bangalore

Postal code: 560085

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Venky Enterprises is one of the prominent producres of Safety Net for Balcony in Bangalore. Safety nets are used to prevent people from falling off the balcony. They are often installed on the edge of balconies, terraces and other high places. The safety net is usually made of steel cables or stainless steel wire mesh. It is especially important if you live in an area where there are a lot of kids or pets. The safety net will prevent them from falling off the balcony and into the ground below. It will also prevent any objects that they might drop from falling off the edge and hitting someone or something below.It is not just children that need to be protected by these nets. 

Our services:
Safety Nets
Balcony Safety Nets
Anti Bird Nets
Pigeon Control Nets
Children Safety Nets
Monkey Safety Nets

For More Details: 
Contact us: +91-9008556649
Address: K.Krishna #35, Muneswara Nagar, hosakare Halli,main road,3rd phase, B.S.K,Bangalore-85, Karnataka 560085
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