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Apply for India driving license online, #1221

We have provided online driving license application services.


Address India

Country: India

State: Gujarat

City: Surat

Date: May-11-2021

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It’s absolute for applying for a Driving License online, as it is very beneficial and takes a lesser amount of time than going through the whole process manually. You can download the license application form from the internet and apply it with Parivaahaan India and all the required documents after filling up the form accurately. Once this process is attended evenly, you need to sit for a written test and interview and clear it to obtain the license successfully.

To apply for Driving License Online, applicants first have to apply for a Learner’s License. The applicant has to follow the below conditions to apply for a Learner’s license:

  • An applicant has to over the age of 16 years for a two-wheeler license and 18 years for four wheeler license.
  • Learning license holders can apply for a driving license online 30 days after the issue of their Learning license.
  • Learning license holders must apply for a driving license online within 6 months (180 days) of their Learner’s License being issued.

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