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Diabliss - Diabetic Food Products Online, #347

DiaBliss low glycemic index food company is the world's 1st producer of diabliss diabetic-friendly sugar and other DiaBliss products - DiaBliss Masala Tea/Ginger Tea/Lemon Tea, Diabliss Snacks, Diabliss Flour/Atta, Diabliss Jam, and Diabliss Cookies. The diabliss products have been proven to be control blood sugar and act as a great alternative for sweet lovers.



Address Diabliss Consumer Products Pvt Ltd, Type II/20, Dr.VSI Estate

Sale price: Rs 299

Country: India

State: Tamil Nadu

City: Chennai

Postal code: 600041

State: Tamil Nadu

Views Counter: 123


Beat Diabetes, Correct your metabolism. India's Best Cure Diabetes Type 1. 100,000+  Satisfied Patients.

-Leaves No chemical or Bitter after Diabliss taste.

-Lowers Blood Glucose Levels, Improves Lipid Levels & Weight Loss.

-Completely Safe

-Rich in anti-Oxidants

-Not Just diabetic Friendly Sugar, But a Healthy Addition to your Kitchen.


Diabliss offers world’s first diabetic-friendly sugar – which is excellent for controlling blood sugar. Diabliss Sugar has a Glycemic Index (GI) of 44.4, as compared to normal sugar which has a GI of 65 –this makes it a low GI food. There are a lot of benefits associated with low foods, such as lowered blood glucose levels, improved liquid levels and weight loss.


Who We Are? Why Choose Diabliss Diabetic friendly Sugar?

With 10 years of research, diabliss has owned 100k hearts of consumers in 4 continents by delivering diabetic-friendly sugar; that not only proven to control blood sugar but also loaded with anti-oxidants.


Why Buy Diabliss Diabetic food Products Online?

DiaBliss offers the world's first diabetic-friendly products/foods – which is excellent for controlling blood sugar. DiaBliss products of food ingredients have a blend of herbal extracts of fenugreek, pomegranate, ginger, black pepper, turmeric, and gooseberry.


Buy diabetic food products online at best price in India. Shop from a wide range of healthy food products online at

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Email : [email protected]

Business Address: Diabliss Consumer Products Pvt Ltd, Type II/20, Dr.VSI Estate, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai - 600041

Whatsapp: +91 8939853354

Call to Discuss: +91 44 4853 0303

Toll Free: 1800 123 800000


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